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Asp net rowupdating example

Now you can ask questions directly to me on my new site ASPForums. event is raised when a row's Update button is clicked, but before the Grid View control updates the row.To do this, I created an instance of the Row Updating event for the Grid View. This event passes the necessary information to the method via the Grid View Update Event Args parameter. Find Control("Label20e"), Label) Sql DSupport Info. Then within the new method one can access controls within the Grid View row being edited by referencing the Row Index attribute of the Grid View’s Rows collection. Find Control("ddl Service Level List"), Drop Down List) Dim lbl Support Date As Label = CType(GVSupport Info. So for example to reference a Drop Down List within the Grid View Row, use the syntax: Basically this is quite straightforward once one knows the syntax for referencing a control within a Grid View Row. Grid View Update Event Args) Dim lbl Service Level As Drop Down List = CType(GVSupport Info. I found that simple data binding of my Drop Down List in my Grid View to my Sql Data Source was not going to be enough. I would need to set values passed to the Sql Data Source control on the update event, and as part of this I would need to reference the controls contained in the row being updated.

A Grid View Updated Event Args object is passed to the event-handling method, which enables you to determine the number of rows affected and any exceptions that might have occurred.

The first step would be to add a Template Field to the Grid View, which can be done through the Edit Columns option on the Grid View's Smart Tag.

Once the Template Field has been added, switch back to the HTML view and create an Now all that remains is to write the Compute Seniority Level() method. Compute Seniority Level() Method (Visual Basic) Figure 27 There are many situations in which you might want one or more Web controls embedded within a Grid View column.

You're accessing so many items without null checks that it could be any number of things. Are you sure all of the controls exist in the cells you're specifying?

event is raised when a row's Update button is clicked, but after the Grid View control updates the row.

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It's a bit different of a set up, as all the controls are in a single column (maybe this is causing the problems? I do not receive any runtime errors, so it must be logic. ASP The order in which your events are firing might be the problem.

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