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- Add shortcut CTRL ALT SHIFT B to "Pretty Print w/ line breaks" function.In our world today, the same information is published through a variety of different media.For example, in the mail order industry, customers can view product information in catalogs, or through websites via a PC or mobile phone.================================================================ XML Tools plugin for Notepad ================================================================ XMLTools 2.4.x installation --------------------------- 1. copy new external dll either into npp main folder (same folder than "notepad .exe") or in %appdata%\Notepad folder: - libiconv-2- libwinpthread1-dll - libxml2-2- libxslt-1- zlib1After installation in npp main folder, you should have following structure: [NPP_ROOT_FOLDER] ¦ notepad ¦ libiconv-2¦ libwinpthread-1¦ libxml2-2¦ libxslt-1¦ zlib1---[plugins] Change log ---------- Release 2.4.2 (r1057) - Fix XPath evaluation for text() [bug #232] - Modification of Pretty Print behaviour to avoid changing "" [bug #220] - Fix Pretty Print EOL char support [bug #219] - Fix XPath evaluation issue with string result [bug #209] - Add information on unprefixed namespace handling during XPath evaluation [bug #195] - Fix a wrong reference to %appdata%\Notepad Release 2.4.1 (r1054) - Allow external DLLs to be loaded from %appdata%\Notepad folder - Change dialogs behaviour: dialogs are not destroyed on close and are restored on re-opening - Fix some memory leaks Release 2.4 (r1048) - Fix pretty print error while playing with attributes containing quotes and double-quotes - Fix encoding support for following functions: * Check XML syntax now * Validate now * Tag auto-close * Current XML Path * Evaluate XPath Expression * XSL Transformation - Add "Prevent XXE" mode - Fix wrong selection length after conversions "<>" to "" and reverse - Upgrade lib XML version (lib XML 2.9.2, lib XSLT 1.1.28, xmlsec 1.2.20, zlib 1.2.6, iconv 1.14, openssl 1.0.1j) - Add lib XML/lib XSLT versions infos in about box Release 2.3.3 (r909) - Remove XML syntax check before pretty print (except in lib XML mode) Release 2.3.2 (r908) - Fix XML validation issue with inline DTD - Fix memory deallocation error after XML validation - Fix XPath output encoding issues - Fix XPath output errors (some tags displayed value of preceding node) - Improve namespace support in XPath evaluation function - Add namespaces in path given by "Current XML Path" function - Add better support of attributes in XPath function - Add schema Location partial support (namespace is ignored) - Upgrade lib XML version (lib XML 2.7.8, lib XMLSec 1.2.18, zlib 1.2.5) Release 2.3.1 (r639) - Fix the access violation error at startup of previous release - Fix indentation errors with multiline attributes with "Pretty print" functions (XML only XML only with line breaks) - Upgrade to lib XML 2.7.1, lib XMLSec 1.2.11 and lib XSLT 1.1.24 Release 2.3 (r583) - Load lib XML DLL dynamically; the plugin menu shows a "How to use..." when DLL is not available. only if version 2.3.x or earlier is already installed, then remove following files from npp main folder: - - libxml2- - 4.

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- Add XML Tools plugin installer; this tool copies the plugin into Notepad plugins directory and external lib XML DLL's in Notepad root directory.

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