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The 26-year-old, who had never skiied before appearing on the show, fractured her wrist while practising on the slopes.'I'm gutted to be the first to go, but I am so pleased with what I have achieved,' she said 'I think it would have been nice to see how much I could have pushed myself but I think now I can relax more.During Sunday Kitchen, she pointed out the connections that Ruby could still have to Albert Square.She also teased that the new arrival of Blue's Lee Ryan to the cast could be her way back in.Lee has been cast as 'Woody' Woodward, a new villain to arrive to the Square. I’d have no idea what they’d say about where my character has been."There’s always room to go back."She then added: "Lee text me a year ago now saying I’m in talks with Eastenders, what do you think?

Reuniting for the first time since they wowed the crowds with their Strictly Come Dancing routines, former East Enders actress Louisa Lytton and her professional partner Vincent Simone will go back to the ballroom one more time as they represent the UK in this year's Invited to represent the nation at the second annual showcase of the continent's most complex choreography and riveting routines, Louisa and Vincent will waltz it out in the city of Glasgow in an effort to be crowned champions of European dance.Originally from Italy, Vincent is a professional dancer and teaches with his dance partner Flavia Cacace, another favourite on Strictly Come Dancing.Louisa is currently playing Rizzo in David Ian's UK Number One Tour of GREASE.Pal Berken Cokdegerli, 20, of London, said: “They were seeing each other and I think they are still friends. He’s obviously a good-looking guy and gets a lot of attention but he’s not a player.The 27-year-old had been on the soap for nearly two years back in 2005 when she was just 15.

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She hints at a difficult break-up but refuses to give any more, adding she wan’t to focus on her career.

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