My best friend dating my sister

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My best friend dating my sister

(Especially if things don't work out between him and I.) Do you think it's in bad taste to date my best friend's in-law? Both of you are adults and should be able to have a relationship based on how you feel about one another instead of how other people may feel.Unfortunately, women often allow other people to influence whom they date, and as a result, they risk missing out on love that could have been.Q: I am 35 years old and have become good friends with my best friend from high school’s brother-in-law.He has made it clear that he's interested in me, but I have refused to pursue the relationship, despite my feelings, because I'm concerned about the effect it will have on my relationship with her. No, it is not a bad idea for you to date your best friend’s brother-in-law.Writing about how you feel could be a useful outlet, remembering these very strong feelings may subside as you get used to the situation.If you’ve a friend or family member who you can trust to share your concerns in confidence this may be useful, although you’ll want to avoid this escalating into a family drama.My son was a little uncomfortable when his sister and best friend started dating but it has gotten worse lately and I'll tell you why.

Remember, your relationship with your best friend is a different relationship than your relationship with her brother-in-law.If you have a sister of your own, you know she may be a tad annoying at times, and you can argue like no other.But at the end of the day, your sister is your best friend forever. We may not always get along, but I know in my heart she's a keeper for life.This has caused quite a rift between my kids which really pains me and my wife. We are very open and liberal and we are not against the sexual relationship between my daughter and her boyfriend. Yes,your family situation,as I am sure you are aware, was a set up for this type of dating situation.What we are having trouble dealing with is the tension between our kids. Teens date those who they get to know and are familiar with so any one of your son's friends who I assume spend time around your house and your daughter were possibilities to end up in the boyfriend slot at one time or another.

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She was there to celebrate the good times, and to help you work your way through the bad times.